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1 Tiger + 1 Tiger = 1 Tiger (Mathematics Does Not Work In the Real World)

28 Jan Posted by | Be Wise | 1 comment
1 Tiger + 1 Tiger = 1 Tiger (Mathematics Does Not Work In the Real World)

There is a chinese sayings “一山不能容二虎” meaning one mountain cannot contain 2 tigers. This is to remind us that it is not necessary that putting 2 person of the same calibre together doubles the result that you want. Many people think that they want to employ the most capable person for the job. Employ the brainiest people and you get the perfect result? Not necessary! This is theoretically true but practically untrue.

1 Tiger   1 Tiger = 1 Tiger (Why?) One big factor that most employer overlooked is that human by nature is selfish and gets jealous easily. If you put 2 chefs together, they might spoil the soup because they spend most of the time quarrelling. If you put 2 equally capable person on the same position, they might not necessary compliment each other but instead kill each other. In the end, there can only be one survivor. That is why you can only have one tiger in the mountain.

Unfortunately, mathematics doesn’t apply to the real world. Understanding science is different from understanding human. For many tigers to co-exists, they must learn how to give way, show compassion and start seeing other tigers as they own family.

Is it possible to educate the tigers?

  1. appleby02-03-13

    haha, I like this. The tigers kill each other in the real world rather than helping each other. That is how many management fail today.

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