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6 Ways to Let it Go

05 Feb Posted by | Be Able To Let Go | Comments
6 Ways to Let it Go

Holding on is hard. Letting go is harder. Nothing in this world can last forever. Insisting in our way and thinking that something is ours will make life miserable for us. Holding on is unhealthy for yourself and other people. This is not to say that we can’t hold on to things. There is a point when letting go is necessary and we must accept that.

Here are some tips to help you to let go:

a) Just Accept what happened - Tell yourself to accept what happened and that you cannot change the outcome.

b) Try to forget - Distract yourself by engaging in your hobbies. Listening to music, exercising, traveling, talking to friends and even sleeping are great ways to stop your mind from thinking about the bad experiences.

c) Reflect on yourself - Try to think if you are the source of the problem. Did you trigger off the negative situation? Were you being too egoistic?

d) Take the helicopter view - Take a deep breath and try to see and understand the whole situation from the top view. Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Be fair.

e) Give thanks - Compare your situation with people worst that you. You are still breathing and alive. How bad can you be? Try to be thankful everyday.

f) Be Positive - Try and learn a lesson from the negative experiences. Take it as part of growing up. Failing will make you stronger in the future.

You Will Not Fall When You Release Your Hand, You Will Grow Up. Since we can train our mind to hold, we can also train it to lease. Amazingly, training it to release is as simple as taking a different viewpoint. A simple step with a big change of result.

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