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Acceptance is the Key to World Peace

30 Jan Posted by | Be Open Minded | 1 comment
Acceptance is the Key to World Peace

Which religion do you consider to be the best religion? What is the meaning of the best?

We hear these arguments everyday and some people even resort to violence because of their belief system. Is it really worthwhile to step someone down just because they don’t believe in what you believe in? Why should everyone have the same belief system? Isn’t diversity the beauty of nature? How is the world going to look like if we only have one type of flower?

World Peace Can Be Achieved In No Time If You Accept Rather Than Conquer True enough, the cause of many social problems is because people cannot accept disagreements. So what they do is they use all their means to make other people agree with what they agree with. Is this fair?

“My God is the real god and your god is fake!”. How would you feel when other people say this to you? How can we achieve world peace if everyone is trying to conquer everyone. People don’t necessary need to conquer land, they can conquer language, wealth and even ideas. When you want other people to follow you, that is conquer and ego at work.

The secret to world peace is to accept, not to conquer. Accept diversity, accept disagreements, accept differences in race, language and religion and world peace can be achieved in no time.

  1. descarte02-03-13

    acceptance is hard. yes everyone loves to conquer.

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