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Confessions of the mind

03 Jul Posted by | Be Mindful | Comments
Confessions of the mind

Dear master,

Perhaps God forgot to tell you about me when he created you. Perhaps its about time I introduce myself.

I am called “the mind”. When god created you, he put me in your body so that I can give you intelligence. Unfortunately, you can’t see me. I am in your brains, veins, organs, bones, blood… everywhere in your body. My goal in this life is to look for opportunities to make you richer, sexier, stronger and more powerful. I scanned every piece of information that I could get hold of and analyzed them. As long as you are still alive, these data is paramount to achieving my goal.

Unlike you, I don’t have moral grounds and let me also tell you that I hate morality. You can call me the wolf under your skin if you like. I am a pretty stubborn person and will keep repeating myself until you listen. There were times when I was so excited that I couldn’t stop myself from repeating when I found ways to achieve more with less. I was sure that you heard my voice when you had sleepless nights. I would tempt you with excuses to make you feel good by following my way. Allow me to thank you for letting me have my way 99% of the time.

When I knew you were afraid of going up against the law and suffer the consequences, I would come up with ingenious plans so that you could execute them without being caught. I was a great liar and helped you get away with many things in life. I would twist and turn facts to help you stay out of trouble. When you were feeling guilty, I kept your senses and thoughts busy so that you didn’t have the time to reflect upon your actions.

Lastly, thanks again for trusting me and letting me manage your life.

yours truly,
the mind

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