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Did I Just Killed My Own Son?

18 Feb Posted by | Be Able To Let Go | Comments
Did I Just Killed My Own Son?

A friend told me a controversial story many years ago. It struck me that time on how unpredictable life is. I almost forgot about it until I read a piece of news about a child being killed on the road recently.

The story went like this:

My son graduated from a prestigious university and came back home for the first time. He didn’t tell us that he was coming back in order to give us a surprise. He boarded a taxi heading home after he arrived at the airport. Unfortunately, the taxi was involved in a terrible accident half way through the journey. The driver had minor injuries but my son was fatally injured. Some passerby managed to get hold of his mobile phone and called me.

I was a laborer working in the ship yard at that time. I was totally devastated when I was interrupted with the news. I stopped all my work, quickly ran out of the yard and tried to get a taxi. It was 9am in the morning and everyone was busy going to work. The traffic was bad and I couldn’t get a taxi. Out of desperation, I forcefully took a car when it stopped on the red light. I told the driver I would compensate and explain the whole situation to him after I have attended the emergency. The driver told me he was attending an emergency as well. I didn’t give him time to explain, booted him off from his seat and started driving to the accident scene.

When I arrived at the scene, I saw my son almost dead. A big crowd surrounded the scene but no one could help. I pleaded desperately for help. Someone told me that the ambulance was coming but the wait seemed too long. After 30 mins, My son finally had his last breath.

Suddenly the man that I booted out from the car seat squeezed through the crowd. He saw my son and tried to resuscitate him. He shook his head and sigh, “If I have arrived earlier, he might have been saved!”.

I said, “Who are you”?

He replied, “I am the emergency doctor. I was contacted by the police to attend to the victim”.

I said, “Why didn’t you arrive earlier?”

He replied, “Because you snatched my car!”

In Conclusion:

Life is unpredictable isn’t it? Too coincidental? The father’s love resulted in his impatience and ultimately causing his own son’s death. Putting myself on the shoes of the father, I wondered what I would do when if I were to hear bad news like this. Would I react the same way? Should the father be blamed for his impatience?

While It Is Important To Forgive Others, Remember To Forgive Yourself As Well Life is like a maze full of dead ends, I don’t think we should blame ourselves too much when we hit a dead end because we made a wrong turn. If we have made a turn, we need to reflect upon what went wrong, get up and move on. We should also acknowledge that a lot of things in life are beyond our control. I didn’t know what happened to the father, I hope he did get up and move on.

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