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Dream of a Butterfly

05 Mar Posted by | Be Wise | Comments
Dream of a Butterfly

In the book of Zhuang Zi, there is an interesting story

齊物論: 昔者庄周梦为胡蝶,栩栩然胡蝶也。不知周也。俄然觉,

One day, Zhuang Zi dreamed that he turned into a butterfly. When he worked up, he found that he was still himself. He then pondered whether he was the Zhuang Zi in the butterfly’s dream or the Zhuang Zi who dreamed of the butterfly.

Who am I? Am I a fictitious character in someone else dream?

What is real and what is illusion? Aren’t the things that we dream equally real?

Am I still in a dream? What if I am really dreaming, Will I ever wake up?

How can I wake up from a dream?

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