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Every outcome is the best outcome

03 Jul Posted by | Be Positive | Comments
Every outcome is the best outcome

There was an interesting story about a king and his advisor.

One day the king and his troops went for hunting and saw a tiger, he took out a bow and arrow and shot the tiger. The crowd applauded as the arrow shot the tiger. To show that he indeed killed the tiger, he came down from his horse and went to the dead tiger. To his surprised, the tiger didn’t die and jumped on him. It bit his last finger but luckily his soldiers came to his rescue and killed the tiger on the spot, thereby saving his life.

Back to his palace, the king asked his advisor what the situation meant. His advisor said,

“the outcome was the best outcome”.

The king was waiting for some comforting words but instead after hearing what the advisor said, he became very annoyed and said,

“How dare you! What if I kill you now?”. The advisor said,

“this outcome would be the best outcome”.

The king was in fire but managed to compose himself. He said,

“I shall spare you since you are my best advisor but I will still punish you by putting you into jail.”

After a few weeks of resting, the king went for a walk in the jungle. His troops and him were ambush by a tribe. As he was the only well dressed person among all, they singled him out released the rest. The tribe was very happy as they were looking for the right candidate to offer to the gods for months and finally found someone that day. They brought him back and bath him clean. The tribe leader noticed that he had a missing last finger and thought… “It would be disrespectful to the gods to offer an imperfect body.”. So they decided to release him back.

After he went back, he quickly released his advisor and asked him what the whole situation meant. The advisor said,


“this outcome is the best outcome”.

The king asked him why? The advisor said,

If you didn’t lost your finger, you wouldn’t put me in jail and if I wasn’t in jail, you would have brought me for the walk. Both of us would be the best dressed people and would be captured. When they bath both of us, they would choose me to offer to the gods because my whole body is intact. That was why I said this is the best outcome.

If you think positive, every outcome the best outcome.

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