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God is Dog?

05 Jan Posted by | Be Open Minded | Comments
God is Dog?

Interestingly, “God” is “Dog” spelled backwards. If God is the all mighty ruler that creates everything, can god take the form of a dog? I’ve heard about an interesting story about God.

One day, a very religious person prayed to god, “I love you God, can I invite you to my house for dinner tonight at 6pm?”. Suddenly a voice answered in the sky, “Yes!”. The person was very happy… after so many years, God finally answered.

That very night, he prepared lots of good food and waited patiently. The clocked ticked and after 6pm, God didn’t appeared. He was disappointed and thought that God lied to him. Out of the sudden, a big black dog jumped onto the table and started eating the food. The man was furious. He took a stick and started beating the dog, “The food was meant for god!”. He then chased the dog out of the house.

Hours later, he finally gave up waiting for God and prayed, “Dear God, I love you so much and prepared the best food that I could find but you didn’t turn up!”. Suddenly a bruised old man appeared in the sky. The old man said, “I saw the nice food and thought that I could eat more by turning myself into a big dog but you beat me up!”

This is a funny story but it raises some interesting questions. We try to conceptualised god based on our own pre-conceptions. So if God is a watch maker, then must God dressed and looked like one? What if God just walked pass you down the street? How do you know?

What is your definition of God?

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