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How To Gain Respect From Other People

07 Feb Posted by | Be Humble | 1 comment
How To Gain Respect From Other People

Do you feel that you are not being respected? Do you want to be respected? Should you aim to be the president of a country or CEO of a company in order to be respected?

Well, the fact is everyone wants to be respected and treated well. Being rude is uncivilized and can build up a lot of negative emotions within yourself and others. It can also result in violence which can be harmful to the society. Worst still, it can become a culture and a norm for the future generations.

So what exactly is the meaning of being respectful? To respect others is to accept other people’s differences in thinking, action, belief system, culture and way of doing things.

1) Respect Others

You have to start respecting others if you want others to respect you. Other people might have a different approach to doing something, try to be more understanding and imagine yourself in their position. Be polite and if you don’t agree, you don’t have to make a big fuss. Be diplomatic even if you disagree. Respect people who are in front or behind you.

2) Be Humble

Lower your ego. People don’t like to be bossed around, don’t force other people to accept your ideas. Always tell yourself that you have a lot to learn and don’t be stingy of praising other people. Let others go first.

3) Lead By Example

Don’t tell other people to go under the sun while you sit in the air-conditioned room. Be with your men and go through the hardships together. People will be more motivated to do what they are doing and respect you more.

4) Be Compassionate

Be sincere, show concern, share your success and give back. Acknowledge other people’s birthdays and be generous to them and their family. People will love you more. It’s just karma.

5) Don’t Pull Ranks

People Respect You Not Because Of Your Rank, It Is Because You Respected Them The last thing that you want to do is to force people to do something because you command them to do so. “I am your boss and you have to listen to me!”. This happens in many places especially in the army, big MNCs and politics. If people trust and respect you, they will be loyal to you and help you even if they doubt your judgement or don’t agree with you. If they don’t respect you, they will still follow your orders but will do so unwillingly.  You can expect a poor result if that is the case.

  1. Ed Gordon05-18-13

    We all need to release ourselves from the Victorian age and face facts. You need to have one or any combination of the following personal qualities:
    cleverness and wittiness,
    physical strength,
    greater knowledge as an expert,
    more confidence as in not afraid to speak your mind or doing what others fear,
    being a successful planner or director of actions.
    Being humble and anything like a boy scout will not help. I swear the people who call themselves writers usually leave out the one ingredient that makes their writing unique and that is personal experience because anyone who is reading this can tell you the story of them being hurt by someone more confident, determined, stronger, faster, smoother, better looking, exciting personality, whatever. Sure try this guy’s idea of respect and see how that works for you.

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