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How we can be Distracted from our Goals Easily

04 Jan Posted by | Be Mindful | 1 comment
How we can be Distracted from our Goals Easily

The story goes like this:

There was once an angel who seeked permission from his master to descent to the world in order to help people to become more spiritual. He arrived at a farm and decided to used it as a base to propagate his spiritual teachings. For a few nights, he couldn’t sleep because there were rats running all over the place. One day, someone suggested him to get a cat to catch the rats. He did what was suggested and finally had a peaceful night. Then he realised he needed to feed the cat, so he bought milk for the cat. However, it wasn’t economical to keep buying milk for the cat so he thought it might be a better idea to buy a cow to provide free milk and so he did. He was quite happy till he realised that the cow need to feed on grass. So he had to buy some land for the cow.

After a while, he realised it was such a waste to have a cow on such a big piece of land, so he decided to buy more cows. Now that he had a lot more milk than before, he decided to sell the milk. Soon, he became the most successful milk provider in that area.

A few months later, the master angel descended to the farm to look for his student but could not find him. A man then told him that he did not know of any spiritual beings but everyone knew a businessman who became very rich within a few months. The master angel finally found his student but he now lived a lavish lifestyle and looked so different than before. The angel had forgotten his purpose of descending to the world.

This is a simple story but I drew great lesson from it. What is my original purpose in this world? Am I being constantly distracted? Every single event that happens to me in every seconds has the potential of growing into something bigger. If I don’t reflect upon myself everyday, I might go with the flow and end up in some unknown place that I don’t belong to. How dangerous it is to live my life this way!

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  1. Ian Wright02-03-13

    I love this story. Reminds me that I have to focus on my goals.

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