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What is Real Happiness

There is a chinese saying “心如猿猴”. This means “The mind is like a monkey”.

Monkey is cheeky. It is always restless, looking and wanting. It is happy and satisfied only when it gets what it wants. The trick is it doesn’t stop there. It keeps wanting more. This is how our mind teaches us about life. We are all after happiness but we are trying to achieve that by constantly trying to fulfil our desires, not knowing that this is an endless pit of darkness. Sadness follows when our desires aren’t fulfilled. That’s where misery comes from. This type of happiness is short lived.

There is another way to be happy - to be contented with what you have. Don’t feed the mind with desires. Think positive and always be grateful with what you are given at any moment. You will then be free from troubles. Life without worries is true happiness.

Happiness (heaven) and sadness (hell) comes from the mind. Treat your monkey properly.