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What is Zen?

16 Feb Posted by | Be Able To Let Go | Comments
What is Zen?

Zen (Dhyāna in sanskrit) was a heart teaching passed down from Gautama Buddha. Bodhidharma from India brought this teaching to China in the 5th CE. This heart teaching became known as Chan (in Chinese). Chan later became popular in Japan (pronounced as Zen in Japanese) and from there, it spread to the rest of the world. So what exactly is Zen? The definition of Zen can be found everywhere on the web.

Perhaps the most famous Zen master was the 6th patriarch Huineng. He said


In English, it means to be detached from physical form is Zen. To be not confused internally is stability.”

So external detachment equates to internal stability. The chinese character of Zen is formed by 2 parts, one part means “show” and the other part means “simplicity”. In summary, it means to be simple minded. When you are drinking water, just drink water. When you are working, just work. When you need to sleep, just sleep. Do it wholeheartedly and with a simple mind.

Why must everything be that complicated? Isn’t the best mathematical equation the shortest and the simplest? Why must people believe that achieving nirvana is hard? What is making it that hard? Who is making it hard?


Why Do People Believe The Treasure Is Real Only If They Got It The Hard Way The chinese verse on top means that you will treasure and believe if you achieve it the hard way. You will not treasure and believe if you achieve it the easy way. The question is Why can’t the easy way be the best way? Why must all masters live in Himalayas? Why can’t the real living master be living in your next door?

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