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Who is the Laughing Buddha?

25 Feb Posted by | Be Happy | Comments
Who is the Laughing Buddha?

The Laughing Buddha is also known as the cloth sack monk (布袋和尚) or Matrieya Buddha in Sanskrit. The fat figure that we see today was the image of an eccentric monk in the Song Dynasty. Whether he was sitting or standing, he was often seen to be laughing.

Why is laughing buddha always laughing? Because he is truly carefree wherever and whenever he is. Nothing can change his mood.

We see laughing buddha everywhere, in people’s home, shopping centers, inside cars, restaurants…etc. There are often some nice verses seen beside his statue.


It means:

My happiness should be independant from how I was treated.  I wear simple clothings and my tummy is filled with simple food.
I amend my clothes for the cold and I lead a simple lifestyle.
If people scold me, I say the scolding is good.
If people beat me, I fall down automatically.
If someone spit on me, I leave it to dry.
I save my strength and he has less worries.
This wisdom is like a mystery treasure.
If you understand it, you will be truly free.

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