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Why Do Something Only if you Know How to Do it?

13 Mar Posted by | Be Wise | Comments
Why Do Something Only if you Know How to Do it?

We seem to be confident only if we can see the destination and how to get there. What if we don’t know how to get to the destination? Are we going to try?

Wanting is a current problem. Knowing is a future problem. Why tackle the future problem before the current problem? That is why we sometimes need to learn from children. They don’t think so much. They just do it simply because they want to do it. We become a lot more strategic when we grow up. We plan everything and make sure we know everything before attempting to prevent mishap from happening along the way. We want guaranteed success!

When you are really passionate for something, you don’t really care if you can see the end point. You will do it irregardless whether you know there are obstacles or not. You stick to your believe. You jump into the water and start thinking of the next step.

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